13 tips for responsible fashion resolutions

Romana Janeckova

We all have old pieces in our wardrobe which we either wear far too rarely or which have been bought for a particular event and are no longer used. To take the pressure off your wardrobe and yourself, we've put together 13 tips for responsible fashion resolutions. Being stylish doesn't necessarily mean owning tons of clothes and wasting money on clothes every day.

01 Don't buy clothes just for one occasion

Weddings, Christmas parties or Friday meetings with old friends. When we go to an extraordinary event, we automatically have the feeling that our outfit has to be special as well. As beautiful as the garment we buy may be, it is unlikely to be worn later. Some elegant and versatile pieces in your wardrobe, which can be worn on different occasions, are the solution. Invest your money in something simple and classic, not modern and fashionable. So you can be sure that you can wear the clothes again. If you focus on changing accessories, your outfit will never look the same.

02 Don't buy or keep anything you don't like

It happens all too often that you cling to things that no longer suit you in the hope that they will do it again. It's also not uncommon for us to buy too small a size as an incentive to lose weight, or simply because they were discounted. Be realistic and above all honest with yourself. If the clothes don't suit you, donate them to charity.

03 Don't buy clothes that don't suit you and your style

A further problem is also the purchase of clothes, which do not fit actually to us. This often happens when we shop according to the latest trends or when we see someone whose clothes we like. But that doesn't mean that this garment suits us as well. If you don't feel comfortable in an outfit, it shouldn't get a place in your closet either!

04 Don't buy anything just because it is discounted

Buying bargains is definitely not a reason to buy clothes you don't need. Paradoxically, it can be an absolute waste of money since you won't use it at all. However, if you really invest in quality and branded goods, you will certainly appreciate and wear such clothes with enthusiasm and pride.

05 When you buy a new item, free yourself from an old one

A good way to keep your wardrobe in an appropriate size is to apply the "one in one" rule. This means that if, for example, you bring home a new sweater, you should sort out an old one. This way you will automatically shop more consciously and at the same time keep your wardrobe in an appropriate size. You will never buy a new sweater again without being sure that you love it, and you are therefore willing to give away an old sweater for it.

06 Don't go for extravagant clothes

It often happens that we are overrun by a wave of the latest trends. The result is a feeling that we have nothing to wear again and our wardrobe has to be renewed. Don't let it soften you up in this phase. Angry shopping can be prevented by a list of what you really need. It makes more sense to buy something really useful once a month than to go headless shopping twice a year.

07 Take time to look for new brands

Another reason why our clothes get boring can also be tied to a particular store. It's great to know where to find what you're looking for, but there are so many new and different brands. Just discover them! If you find a smaller store with a philosophy that really makes you feel at home, you may take home some very special and stylish items that no one near you has.

08 Don't underestimate the power of fashion accessories

With accessories you can wear your clothes in a hundred different ways. For example, imagine a classic black dress. For formal events, you can wear pumps, a stylish clutch bag and quality jewellery. The next day you'll wear sneakers, a rucksack and jewellery, but you'll replace it with a simple pearl bracelet. We therefore recommend investing not in clothes but in unique fashion accessories, which you can change at any time to make your outfit something special.

09 Make difficult decisions

Nobody likes to sort things out. There are often many memories hidden in every garment that you don't want to give up. However, this attachment can cost us a lot of space. If you can't really say goodbye to some clothes, put them on the front shelves of your closet and see how often you wear them in the next few months. If you haven't put them on once, it's time to let them go.

10 Create your personal „uniform”

One of the biggest mistakes in the fashion world is the belief that you shouldn't buy similar parts. It is clear that no one wants to own 15 dark blue sweaters and 10 jeans, but what's wrong with staying true to a garment that fits one hundred percent? The most stylish women in the world have their own "uniforms" - they know they look so perfect and therefore stick to simplicity.

11 Know your wardrobe from top to bottom

It seems as if we remember something we take for granted, yet we quickly forget what we hide in our closet. This can also mean that we have long forgotten many unique items of clothing that we have not worn for years! Before shopping, make sure you have a clear idea of what you already own and how the new item can enrich you.

12 Invest in things you already own

We tend to get rid of clothes as soon as the first signs of damage appear. However, the fact that a garment shows signs of wear does not mean that we should throw it away immediately. Try investing in your favourite sweaters or old jeans and have them repaired. You can breathe new life into them by, for example, ironing or sewing on inscriptions and patterns. Already copied garments can become a designer piece.

13 Do not underestimate the phenomenon „capsule wardrobe"

You really don't need much to look good and stylish. You just have to be determined to make difficult decisions. Buy only what you need and what makes you feel absolutely great. Carefully look after such clothes. Nothing else should fit in your wardrobe, you can live with little. The capsule wardrobe should not contain more than 50 pieces, including shoes, handbags and accessories. The essence is timelessness and colour neutrality, so all pieces in the wardrobe can be combined. First try to sort out ten things and in the next few days only wear what has remained in the wardrobe.

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Romana Janeckova
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