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Let's begin!
First wooden bow tie
Wooden wallet
Our first photo shooting
Wooden fashion is coming
Július 2013 - Let's begin!
BeWooden - Let's begin!

A small village close to Prague - Chlebovice - this is where the story begins..

Szeptember 2013
BeWooden -

Jacob, Ctirad and Patrick. Wheel of the production, local guru and world traveler. Three friends who decided to restore the beauty of old crafts.

Szeptember 2013 - First wooden bow tie
BeWooden - First wooden bow tie

We are trying different types of woods, different shapes and this is how the first wooden bow tie of BeWooden was made.

Október 2013
BeWooden -

The first edition of 12 wooden bow ties was made and we are really excited to get started something new.

Október 2013
BeWooden -

We are ready to ship our first package to out very first customer.

November 2013 - Wooden wallet
BeWooden - Wooden wallet

With our first wooden wallet there is also a first obstacle – the wallet breaks and we need to start again. The production process needs to change so we are able to create a durable wooden wallet which will sustain greater pressure.

November 2013 - Our first photo shooting
BeWooden - Our first photo shooting

It is the fall and we have first big photo shooting of our bow ties. The weather is fantastic and the results are great!

December 2013
BeWooden -

And yet another time to a local TV relation named City Look.

December 2013 - Wooden fashion is coming
BeWooden - Wooden fashion is coming

We appear on the TV for the very first time.

New colleague from Germany
Wooden cufflinks
Our amazing customers
Fashion fairs
Moving out of the garage
Wooden bow tie for ladies
1 year Birthday Party!
Christmas madness
Christmas party
Február 2014
BeWooden -

New laser machine allows us to do some amazing stuff! Fresh design is coming.

Március 2014 - New colleague from Germany
BeWooden - New colleague from Germany

At a conference in Switzerland Patrick meets Henrik and Henrik immediately falls in love with BeWooden. We establish a cooperation which results in our first representation abroad.

Április 2014 - Wooden cufflinks
BeWooden - Wooden cufflinks

Our new product – wooden cufflinks – becomes wildly popular!

Április 2014 - Our amazing customers
BeWooden - Our amazing customers

BeWooden has more and more customers who are not only our inspiration but also our motivation to constantly work on ourselves.

Május 2014 - Fashion fairs
BeWooden - Fashion fairs

We participate to some great fashion fairs in Prague and Vienna.

Augusztus 2014 - Moving out of the garage
BeWooden - Moving out of the garage

We moved in a new warehouse where most of the production takes place.

Szeptember 2014 - Wooden bow tie for ladies
BeWooden - Wooden bow tie for ladies

Not only gentlemen will find what they look for at our store! We also start to produce for women.

Szeptember 2014 - 1 year Birthday Party!
BeWooden - 1 year Birthday Party!

We finish our first year. A year full of experience and joy, but also obstacles. We enter the new year stronger, wiser and even more energized! 

November 2014 - Christmas madness
BeWooden - Christmas madness

No good! We ship one package after other and at the end – on 24th of December we are completely sold out! Wow that was close.. we take a week off to refill energy.

December 2014 - Christmas party
BeWooden - Christmas party

Paul, Patrick, Jacob, Ctirad, David, Daniel, Jane and Hanka. We get together after exhausting Christmas, we celebrate and look forward to what is ahead of us next year!

International meeting
Moving out and in
BeWooden on TV
Elegant belt
Wooden mirror
BeWooden expands to Scandinavia
BeWooden Grows!
Január 2015 - International meeting
BeWooden - International meeting

It's a meeting time! We get together with our ambassadors from Germany and Poland and plan, plan, plan. Productive meeting is followed by more planning during a dinner.

Március 2015
BeWooden -

New offices for our amazing creative team. This is really where the magic happens! :-)

Április 2015 - Moving out and in
BeWooden - Moving out and in

Our old place becomes too small for us - we expand our production, hire more people and move to a great new place!

Június 2015 - BeWooden on TV
BeWooden - BeWooden on TV

We are nervous - it's the very first time the TV came to our warehouse and we show them through the entire production process. There will be more than 500,000 viewers!

Szeptember 2015 - Elegant belt
BeWooden - Elegant belt

We come up with an original belt that is a must have for every gentleman!

Október 2015 - Wooden mirror
BeWooden - Wooden mirror

New product alert! Wooden mirror will always show you the true beauty!

Október 2015 - BeWooden expands to Scandinavia
BeWooden - BeWooden expands to Scandinavia

Denmark and Sweden are among next countries where you can find our BeWooden ambassadors.

December 2015 - BeWooden Grows!
BeWooden - BeWooden Grows!

Our annual Christmas party is enriched by many new colleagues - more people work on design, marketing, production and development.

New year → New catalog
BeWooden on TV again
Jakub as TV anchorman
Birthday party in Frankfurt
BeWooden changes but the philosophy remains the same
BeWooden says YES!
Január 2016 - New year → New catalog
BeWooden - New year → New catalog

We start the New year with releasing a new catalog full of amazing pictures and new products!

Február 2016 - BeWooden on TV again
BeWooden - BeWooden on TV again

Morning show presented by BeWooden - what a way to start the day!

Március 2016 - Jakub as TV anchorman
BeWooden - Jakub as TV anchorman

Jakub tried what it is like to be a TV anchorman. It's not as easy as it looks!

Április 2016 - Birthday party in Frankfurt
BeWooden - Birthday party in Frankfurt

2 years anniversary in Germany! Meeting in Frankfurt with our colleague Henrik followed by BeWooden birthday party to celebrate 2 years of BeWooden Germany.

Május 2016 - BeWooden changes but the philosophy remains the same
BeWooden - BeWooden changes but the philosophy remains the same

BeWooden goes through extensive rebranding. We change our logo and visual.

Május 2016 - BeWooden says YES!
BeWooden - BeWooden says YES!

This time we are at a wedding fair.

Our next journey leads to... Finland!
Október 2017 - Our next journey leads to... Finland!
BeWooden - Our next journey leads to... Finland!

BeWooden family
December 2018 - BeWooden family
BeWooden - BeWooden family

Our customers have been an inspiration for us every day. They motivate us and reasure us we are on the right track.

... and what is next?
December 2019 - ... and what is next?
BeWooden - ... and what is next?

We are looking forward to what the future holds!

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