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Nadrágtartó fa részletekkel Stella Suspenders

16690 HUF ÁFA-val
RAKTÁROZÁS, az áruk egy héten belül megrendelhetőek lesznek. Előrendelhető az címen.
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Mi az a monogram?

Express your original personality by adding a monogram. Because you are the one who make the suspenders original.

The monogram will be placed on the right front wooden clip.

BeWooden - Engraving Preview
Ez a termék jelenleg nem elérhető, 14 nap múlva lesz ismét raktáron. Amennyiben megrendeled, úgy a rendelésed elsőbbséget élvez és értesítünk a szállításról. :)

Royal Blue is the perfect colour that catches the attention of others. It is extraordinarily elegant and never goes out of fashion. The Stella Suspenders are the charming accessory for stylish gentlemen. The combination of blue colour, genuine leather, high-quality metal and wooden details declare your unique style perfectly. The Stella Suspenders are an excellent choice especially for those, who love craft, handmade products and are environmentally aware.

At least one pair of suspenders should be part of the wardrobe of every stylish man.

Every leather product is unique and individual. The leather is a natural material and irregularities in colour and texture such as scarring, burn marks and scratches are not a defect, but natural characteristics of the leather, which prove the genuineness of the material. The leather gives the product authenticity and long life. It gradually becomes soft and adaptable.

Product photos are illustrative. The materials we work with are natural and their structure is specific. Each piece may differ in appearance and texture. Therefore, you can not find two completely identical products - each one is unique.

Fa: Stained beech
Anyag: Genuine leather
Production: Handwork
Méret: Adjustable
Kézzel készült: Szeretettel készült
Szín: Dark Blue
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“Clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” Marc Jacobs
“Above all, having style means having your own style.” Christian Dior
We feel a great sense of responsibility towards nature. Which is why we use only excess wood from partner workshops.
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